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Senegal/France 1974 / French with English subtitles / / 2h3m mins

Director: Ousmane Sembène

A businessman is struck with impotence and his attempts at a cure prove disastrous. In this fierce satire, Ousmane Sembène lashes the bourgeoisie of an unnamed, newly independent, African state (but clearly Senegal) for their slavish imitation of their past colonial masters, down to their corruption and conspicuous consumption.

“Sembène aims satirical thrusts at the Senegalese bourgeoisie, who impotently ape the worst aspects of their former colonial masters, particularly their corruption and extravagance … The jokes and details are delightful, yet there's real anger behind them, and it bursts spectacularly into view in the concluding frames.” –Geoff Andrew, TimeOut

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