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Host a Screening

Are you an African cinema lover, but the screenings never come to a town near you? Never fear, through our 'Host your own screening' initiative we will allow you to screen films where and how you like alongside the wider official UK release.

We believe that cinema should be by the people, for the people, and we are therefore making it our mission to empower you – the audience. Screenings could take place in parks, bars, restaurants, universities, festivals, museums, shopping outlets, community centres and more.

We will provide participants with a special screening DVD of the film, details outlining the licenses they will need, marketing materials and ideas for complementary events. 

The following films will be released in June/July 2016, please email Justine at j.atkinson@ayadistribution.org if you are interested in hosting a screening during this period. 

Beats of the Antonov beats of the antonov 292435 poster

Hajooj Kuka | Sudan/South Africa 2014 | 1h5m | Arabic with English subtitles | Documentary | 15

An award winning documentary (including the People's Choice Award in Toronto) which focuses on the daily bombing runs carried out by the Sudanese government in Sudan and the music resistance movements that have sprung up in response. Read more information about the film here.

Ideas for complementary events: as this film celebrates music in the face of adversity, try hosting a drumming or song-writing workshop as part of the event, or follow the screening with an African music night.


Boris Lojkine | France 2014 | 1h31m | French/English/Arabic with English subtitles | 15

This fiction film screened in competition Cannes 2014, and looks at the very pertinent issue of refugees making their way from Africa to Europe and a romance which blossoms along the way. Read more information about the film here.

Ideas for complementary events: offer further contextualisation about the plight of refugees by inviting local charities and activists to host Q&A discussions after the screening.

Poster 1 M3 FINALPOSTERThe Dream of Shahrazad

Francois Verster | South Africa/Egypt/Jordan/France/Netherlands 2014 | 1h47m | English/Arabic/Turkish with English subtitles | Documentary | 15

A unique music-led documentary that looks at Arab uprisings in Egypt, Turkey and Lebanon through the lens of the famous story collection known as 'One Thousand and One Nights'. Read more information about the film here.

Ideas for complementary events: introduce the film through an African storytelling performance, offering an insight into allegorical methods of telling stories, discussions with experts on the arab springs. 

LTYOL posterLove the One You Love

Jenna Cato Bass | South Africa 2014 | 1h45m | 15

This is a multi-award-winning and entirely improvised debut feature film from South African director Jenna Bass. Set in Cape Town it follows the stories of four star-crossed lovers and through them offers refreshing, anti-idealist perspectives of love. Read more information about the film here.

Ideas for complementary events: what does love mean for different people? Invite participants to contribute their one-word interpretation of love on stickers and create a collage of emotions for all to see and reflect on.

Pricing structure for screening films 

We value the work of independent filmmakers who often struggle against the odds to make their films, and we feel it is crucial to attach financial value to their work. For this reason we do charge for the films, and we suggest that in order cover this fee you charge an admission fee for the screening, even if it is just a nominal amount of £3-4 per head.  This allows us to give a financial return back to the filmmakers enabling them to continue their work.  

Host your own screening licensing terms and conditions

The following agreement outlines the licensing terms and conditions which apply to all the films included in this series.

Rights granted:


Delivery of the film: Aya Distribution will supply you with a high quality screening DVD of the original master content. You will receive this at least 7 (seven) days before the date it is due to screen.

Venue License In order to screen the film you will need to look into obtaining the relevant licenses for screening the film in your chosen venue, including but not limited to:

You will be responsible for incurring the costs for these. Returning the DVD To prevent unauthorized distribution or screening of the film without a valid license, we urge you to return the screener within 7 days after the screening to Aya Distribution via recorded delivery to: Aya Distribution, Room 1, Suite 23, Templeton House, 62 Templeton Street, Bridgeton, Glasgow, G401DA