Aya Films

Aya Films is a UK-based organisation with a focus on film distribution and curatorial training.

We collaborate with filmmakers, curators, festivals and audiences across the world to connect, collaborate and re-imagine through cinema.

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Aya Films Rebrands

Aya Films was founded in 2011 in a small village in Cumbria. Not the usual setting to start a film distribution company, nor one on African cinema.

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Upcoming Screenings

Mami Wata

This genre-bending tale brings to life a futuristic fable that fuses spiritual beliefs with inter-generational tensions. Set in the matriarchal ocean village of Iyi, where West Afr…

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Omen (Augure)

This magic realist film is a tale of family, relationships, suspicion and belonging. It navigates the thin layer between reality and sorcery to weave a distinct, deeply impressioni…

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Blurring the boundaries between fiction and non-fiction ‘Ramona’ offers a postmodern pastiche of class observed through the interplay of documentary, fiction, and theatre. The film…

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