Omen (Augure)

1h31m / Belgium, Democratic Republic of the Cong / Drama / Experimental / 1h31m / French, Swahili with English subtitles


This magic realist film is a tale of family, relationships, suspicion and belonging. It navigates the thin layer between reality and sorcery to weave a distinct, deeply impressionistic aesthetic. It centres Koffi a young Congolese man who travels back to his hometown in Kinshasa to reunite with his family and culture. The complexities abound as four characters bring different worlds and perspectives which intersect through chapters in the film, each adding a new dimension as the narrative unfolds. 

Omen is the directorial debut from Belgian-Congolese rapper, Baloji, who masterfully weaves these stories together through his bold visual artistry. The film won the New Voice prize in the Un Certain Regard section at the Cannes Film Festival in 2023.

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